50 More Creative Questions You Can Ask on a Quiz

When creating a quiz the questions are important to engage your audience, but after writing a few it can be a challenge to think of new question ideas. When I’m writing a quiz I try to think of creative questions outside of the normal “What’s Your Favorite Color?” but still show some personality traits to help associate answers with results.

Depending on the topic of the quiz you can base the questions off your topic. For instance if you are doing the quiz “Which Neighborhood Should You Live In?” Ask questions that reveal their favorite parts of the city. Where as a more broad quiz, “Which Celebrity Should Be Your Bestie?”, might ask more general questions.

So I’ve gathered a list of 50 questions, (25 traditional, 25 non-traditional), just to help get the creative juices flowing!


A Tornado is coming. What do you do?
What Quality is Most Attractive to You?
What Do You Listen To On Your Morning Commute?
What Animal are you most Afraid of?
There’s a fight in the Break room. What do you do?
What Would Make You Happiest on a Work Day?
What Was Your Favorite After-School Activity?
What did you want to be when you where younger?
What Would You Most Likely Get a Ticket For?
Your Big Weekend Plans Just Fell Through. What’s Plan B?
What’s your Karaoke Song?
What could you eat A LOT of?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
What is the best movie set in NYC?
What would you do if you were playing hooky for a day?
What’s the name of your Memoir?
How do you celebrate your birthday?
You’re trapped in a locked room… what do you do?
You have to choose one condiment to eat for the rest of your life. What is it?
You are suddenly Insanely wealthy. Which priceless artwork do you buy?
Danger’s afoot. No time to wait for backup. What do you do?
Where would you travel to study abroad?
You can only use one social network for the rest of your life! What is it?
Which Musical Instrument do you wish you learned?
Who’s your dream celebrity interview?

Pick A…
Pick a Romantic Spot
Pick a Mode of Transportation
Pick a Deadly Sin
Pick a Pet to Adopt
Pick a Reality TV Show
Pick a Makeout Song
Pick a #hashtag
Pick a Fictional Hangout (i.e. Central Perk, “Friends”)
Pick your ideal Prom Date
Pick a Saying
Pick a Summer Jam
Pick an Old-Fashioned hobby
Pick a ’90s Heartthrob
Pick Your Home’s Signature Smell
Pick a Halloween Costume
Pick an explosion to walk away from slowly
Pick a Signature Dance Move
Pick a Duck
Pick a Color Scheme
Pick a Drinking Buddy
Pick an Olympic Sport
Pick a Pixar Film
Pick a Greek God
Pick your Next Home
Pick a Motto to Live By

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