Interactive Content vs. Static Content: Which Is Better?

Interactive Content vs Static Content, which is better?

Short answer:

Interactive Content

Long answer:

The numbers don’t lie content is king. More companies are shifting their marketing budgets to content marketing because it creates better engaged customers who are more likely to convert. and while static content, like this blog post, can be useful, interactive content has the ability to deliver curated messaging to your customers.

Let’s run through some scenarios where you can replace your static content with interactive content to better achieve your business goals.

Example 1: You Want To Educate Your Customer About A New Product


Your company is launching a new product or service, what do you do? You probably update your website with information about your new offering, probably send out a few email blasts, and then wait for your customers to come and get it.

Or… You could try interactive content. According to ion interactive, making the switch to interactive content will increase your customer’s retention of your messaging by 79%.

Instead of simply updating your website, you could create a microsite for your new product, you could use an assessment to help your customer better understand their need for your new service, or use an ROI calculator to show them how the solution you’re offering pays for itself.

Example 2: You’re Trying To Turn Leads Into Customers


To gather leads, your company has a section on their website asking users for their email address. An email address without any supporting information doesn’t make much of a lead for your sales team. Maybe you ask several questions on your website, but visitors rarely fill out your interest form.

Try interactive content and could bump your completion rate up to 80%. A customer is less willing to give up their info for your gain. If you’re giving them something of value in return for it, your leads will likely:

  • Increase
  • Become stronger
  • Easier to nurture

Instead of a form that’s basically saying, “Please give me all of your info so I can sell you stuff,” you could create an assessment for your customer that helps bring them clarity around their challenges and how to solve them.

For example, if your company makes time tracking software, your assessment might ask questions like:

  • How many employees do you have?
  • How do you budget for employee pay each month?
  • Are you concerned you might be over/underpaying employees?
  • What does your business do?

Your customer will see how time tracking software can help them budget better and your sales team will be able to use this info to create a custom sales pitch.

Example 3: You Want To Grab Your Customer’s’ Attention


Interactive Content vs Static Content. Which will capture attention? Your website is pretty, but so is your competitor’s. You’re in a field with a lot of great companies offering the same services you do? How do you stand out?

Try interactive content. ion interactive reports that interactive content is 81% more effective at grabbing customers’ attention than static content. That’s huge! It’s basically the difference between looking at a poster for your favorite band and actually seeing them in person.

One scenario where interactive content can give your business a boost is when it comes to sharing a bunch of data. Your customers don’t want to shift through boring industry data. If your data is location based, you can use an interactive map to help your customer visualize the data. Include layers in your map so your customer only has to look at the data they need – avoid information overload!

But What About All My Old Static Content?

Fortunately, it’s super easy to repurpose all of your old static content for creating interactive content. You don’t have to start from scratch. That white paper your company did on industry trends would make a great interactive ebook. Turn a bunch of stats and figures into an interactive infographic using data visualization. Revamp dense, overwritten website copy and use it as a script for a video.

Need help incorporating interactive content into your marketing plan or breathing new life your old static content? Schedule a consultation.