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Interactive Maps to Engage Audiences

Interactive Maps to Engage Audiences

Interactive maps are a great way to display data to audiences. With the increasing flexibility of mapping tools, the only limit to what you can create is your own imagination! We’ve built maps that showcase publicly traded companies, geographic survey results, and more!

Visual content is more easily digestible, and helps your audience take in large quantities of data quickly.

Tell You Data's Story With Interactive Maps

Tell Your Data’s Story With Interactive Maps

Not only can you plot data points on an interactive map, you can also include useful information on map pins or on text hovers! By using location as a way to segment map data, your audience can often gain an understanding of the data set more quickly!

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Showcase Location Data with Interactive Maps

If you have location-specific data, but no where to put it, try adding an interactive map to your website. Not only does it increase user engagement, interactive maps help your user’s make sense of a data set.

An example we built for the city of Louisville, isĀ SpeedUpLouisville. It helps users understand whether or not they are getting the internet service they are paying for. By testing their internet speed, we are then able to aggregate all of the user submissions onto a map, and present city officials with a data-driven path to increase digital equity in our city.

Interactive Map Example

Robo Global wanted to showcase the geographic diversity of their index companies. Check out the live example!


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