Why Use Interactive Content?

A quick overview of the advantages of interactive content
The Interactive Content Advantage

The Interactive Content Advantage

Interactive Content allows you to have a conversation with your customers. It’s not information or content that you publish to be read, it’s a way to establish a two-way conversation between you and your customer. This leads to 3 primary advantages: educating your customers, understanding your customers, and capturing leads.

The Interactive Content Advantage

Is Your Sales Pitch Always the Same?

If you have a sales presentation with an SMB, it would sound very different than if you were presenting to a Fortune 500.

Interactive content allows you show information to customers, based how they answer questions. By personalizing content to the customer, you offer much more relevant content to develop deeper levels of engagement.

Example: LiveHive Calculator

LiveHive sells software to reduce time spent emailing prospects. They create a calculator that prompts potential customs to enter:

  • Size of sales team
  • How much time they currently spend emailing
  • Value of new customer

From these variables (and a few more) LiveHive is able to show the prospect:

  • How many hours they could save by using LiveHive
  • Additional revenue their sales team can attain!

For more, check out the case study

The Interactive Content Advantage

Ever Wonder What Customers Are Thinking?

Just ask! Interactive content provides insight into what your customers are thinking. If you have important questions that rate prospects, weave them into a quiz or calculator. Once the user completes the assessment to see how they scored, all of their responses can be stored or sent directly to your CRM!

Example: Medallia Lead Scoring Assessment

Medallia offers Customer Experience (CX) software to the largest companies in the world. They wanted to create an assessment to help them understand where potential and existing customers had weaknesses in their CX processes.

ContentTools built a 16 question assessment that sent all responses to Medallia’s Marketo account. Once the sales team saw lead records populated with the exact information they needed to close deals, it was a home run!

For more, check out the case study

The Interactive Content Advantage

A Lead Gen Engine

Interactive content is 73% more effective at capturing leads! The reason? When start a quiz or assessment, you are highly motivated to see “your score” or “how much you will save”…so much so, that you don’t mind filling out a lead form just to see your results.

Example: Scoop.it Content Marketing Grader

Scoop.it sells content marketing software, and an age old question in the content marketing space is “am I getting a positive ROI on content marketing?”. ContentTools built a quiz to help prospects understand their current marketing efforts, when compared to best practices. BUT, to see their score, we included a lead form before the report. Scoop.it collected 1.3k leads, who were highly qualified prospects (as they were taking an assessment related to their content marketing effectiveness). Not only did they get emails, but ContentTools tied the user responses to their email address, and integrated with Scoop.it’s Hubspot account so their sales team had a new hot leads list!

For more, check out the case study

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