Case Study! - Content Marketing ROI Quiz is a software company specializing in content marketing products. They are headquartered in in San Francisco, California. helps millions of professionals as well as thousands of businesses and enterprise clients discover, curate and publish great content to increase their visibility online. Project

Project: approached ContentTools with the idea of helping potential customers understand the value of their content marketing efforts through a quiz.

Beyond just providing informational value, wanted to capture leads and store user responses to help qualify leads for’s sales team. ContentTools delivered a solution that integrated the quiz responses with’s Hubspot account, automatically creating new lead records whenever the assessment was completed!

Mobile App Design


This app captured over 4,500 leads from users that completed the assessment! They were also able to create a great follow up post about the behaviors of SMB content marketers, based on the data gathered from the user responses.

Take the Quiz

Take the Quiz!

Tired of reading and wondering just how effective your content marketing efforts are? Check out the quiz, posted on’s site, or you can take the quiz embedded below!

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