Case Study

Interactive eBook Case Study

About the Client

SkillSurvey is a leading software company in online reference checking. Their software provides organizations with the data needed to hire the right talent for the right role. Each month, they help their clients hire 100,000 candidates. Hires made with intel from their insightshave a lower first-year turnover rate.


The Project

The client wanted to increase client engagement with their ebook. They had a compelling topic – soft skills and their importance in hiring – and awesome content – what they are, why they matter, and how to hire for them – but they wanted to offer their customers a more engaging user experience.

ContentTools designed and built an interactive ebook app. Their new interactive ebook features games and fun assessments aimed at:

  • Inviting the reader to engage with the content
  • Helping maintain the reader’s attention
  • Increasing reader comprehension and retention of information


Read The eBook!

Flip through the interactive ebook ContentTools built. Beyond reading valuable content about soft skills, you can also participate in the fun activities ContentTools created to make the content presented in the ebook more captivating.

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